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Diver’s Watches Facebook Group in now the biggest watch group known to exist on Facebook, as our member base exceeds 77,000, even as a closed group, meaning that membership is by application only. Join Diver’s Watches Facebook Group.

Due to our size and positive presence within the Facebook community, Facebook has empowered us with a “For-Sale” platform/feature that our established members can use to sell [a document under FILES in the FB group offers more details].

Our team of hand-selected administrators and moderators is comprised of trusted members found throughout watch forums, groups and most importantly, all walks of life. Above all, we pride ourselves on not only listening to our members but also for being progressive-minded in how we pursue our community’s best interests.

As we continue to grow at an exponential rate, we attract not only new members, but also many watch [and watch-related product] brands. For this reason and as of December 1, 2015, Diver’s Watches has rolled out a program that will benefit our member base while cultivating the relationship between our group and the watch brands that choose to give back to the group and to those who faithfully support them, our loyal members.

A logo-list of sponsor companies that includes a link to the brands’ website, can be found under Our Sponsors.

Sponsor Companies are brands that sponsor our group with watches or other watch-related products they offer from their own inventories or with a €-value. Most importantly, they have made the choice to play an active, progressive role within our ever-growing group. As the list grows, we will update you with the latest info and contact information available. In return for their generosity, Diver’s Watches is allowing each SC to advertise within our group in a controlled, moderate manner.

Under Issued Watches you will find information about watches that the group has chosen to release in limited editions, with some of our sponsor companies and for the benefit/enjoyment of our members.

Under Watch Reviews you will find reviews about watches from our sponsor companies and more.

The next logical step for our group was this website, that will continue to grow and expand in a way that will benefit both our members and sponsors.

For further information, contact Andreas S. Gregoriades at

For technical matters, contact George Kelveris at


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