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Hi I am Colin Weaver the senior admin for Diver’s watches and today I am going to be taking a look at the Zahnd and Kormann ZK No.2 – The GMT

For those of you who are not familiar with Zahnd and Kormann let me give you a little background on the brands owners.

Roger Zahnd & Florian Kormann are two friends who have known each other for more than 20 years they both live in Bern Switzerland and they shared a dream to develop their own swiss watch brand offering the best value for money swiss made automatic watches without going for 500% profit margins.

So, one evening in March 2016 they put a plan into action to launch their own brand and the very next day they started to look for suppliers.  Roger works for a company who supplies some of the biggest and most prestigious watch brands in Switzerland and Florian who has a great knowledge of classic swiss watches knew exactly what they needed to do if they wanted to produce quality swiss timepieces.

Roger told me that their project is not just about making money, it is about creating something, to take the chance to do something on our own; and this is how they came up with their slogan ‘TIME IS YOURS’ ( which is stating that the time to do something is now and to try something is now.

At the end of 2016 we started our first attempt to get funded with the ZK No.1.  A chronograph with full calendar moon phase, powered by an ETA 7751 Valjoux. We started with a price of about 1,100.00 and failed.  We sat together, adapted and started our second attempt in April 2017, which then was successful, selling over 250 watches to customers all over the world.

Looking back, the selling and the campaign on Kickstarter was the easiest part.

To setup the production, get it all sorted out, find the right partners and get the watches delivered was by far the most difficult and also intense part of the first Kickstarter project.  We went through all the highs and lows you probably can imagine (without going bankrupt).

So, for the new campaign we got it all sorted out in regards to suppliers, quality control and delivery. We are now registered at the COSC for the chronometer certification, are in direct contact with the movement supplier Sellita, have set up quality controls at independent parties and are now ready for take-off.


The prototype they have sent me this is the black GMT PVD version.

I quite like the dimensions of this watch, it’s a 44mm case also available in stainless steel or titanium and it is 14.9mm thick.

51mm lug to lug with a really nice 22mm two tone polished and brushed bracelet fitted with an expansion clasp with an easy release system to remove the bracelet, hallmarked with the Zahnd & Kormann logo

It has a 120 click unidirectional ceramic bezel with a coin edge finish.

AR coated sapphire crystal

Date window at the 3 o’clock mark

The dial is quite clean however for me the logo is a little too large I have spoken to Roger about this and he has stated that the logo size may be changed on the final model and is open for debate to the reduction percentage and Roger has assured me that “we always listen to our client’s preferences”

Its 60 ATM water resistance (tested and confirmed)

BGW9 (blue) superluminova illuminated digits and indexes

The watch features a sapphire crystal show case back

a screw down signed crown

The watch engine will be a high precision COSC chronometer movement the Sellita SW 330-1

The watch is available in 6 sporty elegant designs for both the Diver and the GMT.


The final watch will come with a Sellita SW 220-1 for the Diver and the Sellita SW 330-1 for the GMT version. Both movements will be optional available chronometer certified.

The watch has a 5-year international guarantee

Shipping Worldwide is included

Starting price: 559.00 Swiss Francs, depending on movement and material option

The watch will be presented in an elegant box with a membership card offering a 20% discount on future purchases plus 1 additional nato strap

So, my thoughts on this watch……


It looks great, fits the wrist perfectly and is a real eye catcher. I really like the twotone strap, it gives the watch a real classy look so it could be dress watch if you are looking for a dress watch, it would also look great with a suit or casual wear, it looks good as a sports watch, the hands are easy to read at a glance so good for any type of sports.

Remember these come in so many different colours in both GMT style and diver’s style, 6 different colours for you to choose from in each stlyle So you’ve got a good choice of looks there

I think which ever model or models you choose will not disappoint you, the watch is going to be something you will enjoy wearing on a daily basis and will please you every time you put it on.  with its clean lines and beautiful design it will not look out of place on any occasion.

We all collect watches some stay in the watch box as others become our favourites this one will be the one you will find yourself wearing often.

Thank you for watching guys and for more details on Zahnd & Kormann and their entire line of products check them out on the link below.

And remember the Kickstarter is live today so check that out for the early bird discounts follow the link.










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