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Reshaping a Rubber Strap

Here’s how to go about reshaping a still rubber strap:

Sometimes rubber straps can be really stiff and not very flexible. Reshaping them to a pre-formed, circular shape sometimes works wonders towards the wearing comfort. Tony Connell explains us how he did that with the strap of his Seiko MM300 SBDX017:

“I am not a fan of rubber straps, but seeing this watch came with the extra-long iconic ‘waffle’, I thought I should at least just try it. It is as stiff as a board to start with, so I wrapped it into quite a tight ‘ball’, soaked it in boiling water, then super-cooled it, and it created a pre-formed shape. I had learned how to do this years ago with the first generation Cuda straps from Helson. I won’t be wearing this strap … just wanted to try it. I also put a second keeper on, to control the long length better.”


These guidelines were written by Tony Connell. Thank you Tony. Diver’s Watches Facebook Group, its administrators, moderators and members take no responsibility for any results. You can try this only if you want to and with the results being your own responsibility.


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