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Borealis ‘Medusa’ 500m Diver Prototype


The smoothness of the crystal/bezel interface is the best I have seen yet in any brand, at any price

Caveat emptor: I am definitely NOT a pro reviewer.  I have absolutely NO interest/benefits from this, other than to try out cool watches before they are released. I have owned quite a few of Borealis’s offerings, for which I have paid full price, just like anyone else.

OK, that being said, let’s get down to business!  This one is a VERY interesting design.  It has a 45mm lugless case, flat sapphire crystal, turbine-edged bezel with a fully-lumed sapphire insert, and a workhorse Miyota Cal. 9015 automatic movement inside.

Pros: nice, clean design, great lume and the lugless design helps fit smaller sized wrists. It truly wears like a 40-42mm size, while being significantly larger. The bracelet is as good as they come, sized by single-sided screw bars (why don’t more people do this?) with a ratcheting diver’s extension.  Bezel action (more below) is crisp, with very little to no back play.  Beautiful case finish and execution.  The brushed finish is super smooth, done to a very high standard.  Very simple, yet visually interesting case and dial, with a very interesting crown treatment and nice symmetry between the crown at 3h and HRV [Helium Release Valve] at 9h. The smoothness of the crystal/bezel interface is the best I have seen yet in any brand, at any price; simply amazing.

Cons: very little, really. The slope of the bezel edge, combined with a subtle, shallow grooving, makes for a somewhat tenuous grip. I’m sure that will be corrected come production time. Hands could be a bit thicker, in my opinion. Date window could use a silver surround. You can see I’m nitpicking …

Overall: another winner from Borealis Group. This is absolutely one of my favorite microbrands. Their combination of fresh design ideas, careful attention to detail and execution, and top of the line customer service is almost legendary by now. Carlos Carvalho and Maria have another winner here. Check them out!

About Jose Bossolo

Jose is an Orthopedic Surgeon in Brownsville, Texas/USA. Originally from Puerto Rico, he likes spending time there, especially on its beautiful beaches!  Jose’s passions include first and foremost his family [especially his three kids], sports cars [particularly his two Porsches], bass guitars, and of course watches! He is partial to divers’ watches, which constitute about 95% of his collection.

Jose Bossolo is a member of Diver’s Watches Facebook Group.


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