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Category: How to

Reshaping a Rubber Strap

Here’s how to go about reshaping a still rubber strap: Sometimes rubber straps can be really stiff and not very flexible. Reshaping them to a pre-formed, circular shape sometimes works wonders towards the wearing comfort. Tony Connell explains us how he did that with the strap of his Seiko MM300 SBDX017: “I am not a […]

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Accelerated Patina – Ammonia Fuming

Here’s how to go about fuming:   Remove strap and then remove buckle. Punch tiny holes through top of clear Tupperware container to line up with lugs. Push thin wire through lug holes and suspend watch upside down inside the Tupperware lid [before this, clean watch with acetone to degrease and wipe with cotton-wool [refer […]

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