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A FUN CAMOUFLAGE DIVER – BY MICHAEL STOCKTON, NOVEMBER 22, 2018 MARC & SONS ‘Chameleon’ Camouflage Diver – ETA Cal. 2824-2 (03/19) Today, we’ll take a look at the Marc & Sons DWFB Limited Edition, the newest collaboration watch between a micro-brand and the Diver’s Watches Facebook Group. As you can certainly see, this is a […]

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Crepas ‘Loggerhead’ 1000m Diver (June 2018)

THE CREPAS LOGGERHEAD – THE NEWEST DWFG WATCH BY MICHAEL STOCKTON – MAY 31, 2018 Here on Fratello Watches, we generally cover the new watch releases that the Diver’s Watches Facebook Group (43,000 members and growing) helps create along with what is most often a micro brand. Thus far, we’ve reviewed releases from Zelos, Gruppo Gamma and Aquadive. All sold out […]

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ZELOS ‘Diver Medic Technician’ (09/17)

Michael Stockton November 2017   Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers! At Fratello Watches, we’ve followed the activities of the Diver’s Watches Facebook Group with real anticipation. The group’s 35,000+ members plus their insatiable appetites for all things diver, from inexpensive to dear and vintage to new, it’s a good place to scroll through […]

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DOXA ‘SUB 1200T Professional’ (10/17)

DOXA [SWISS] SUB 1200T ‘PROFESSIONAL’ LTD ED. FOR DW STEVE PARHAM OCTOBER 2017 On July 2, 2017, Diver’s Watches Facebook Group Founder, Andreas S. Gregoriades, posted a teaser to the group’s forum that promised a “big announcement” on the following day, Monday, July 3 at 1400 GMT.  The oranges featured prominently in the background of […]

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GRUPPO GAMMA ‘Chrononaut’ (07/17)

HANDS-ON WITH THE GRUPPO GAMMA DIVER’S WATCHES LE ‘Chrononaut’ MICHAEL STOCKTON, SEP 07, 2017   Reviewing watches from micro brands puts the tester in an awkward position. On the one hand, there exists a tendency to “overrate” a watch from a small startup because they tend to offer a lot of money and, hey, everyone […]

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AQUADIVE ‘Bathyscaphe’ (12/16)

THE FACEBOOK DIVER’S WATCHES GROUP – THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA MICHAEL STOCKTON JAN 14, 2017   It’s true that when Gil Scott-Heron wrote in 1970 that, “the Revolution Will Not be Televised”, he wasn’t referring to the watch industry. With what we’ve seen lately, though, it’s looking more and more like the revolution is […]

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