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RALF TECH ‘Méditerranée’ Ref. WRB DW2021 200m Diver RTA Cal. 003 (08/2021)

‘Localtime being an official Ralf Tech AD (Authorised Distributor) and RT being a Diver’s Watches Facebook Group sponsor brand, we have been working with them to produce a LE watch for the group. As you know, it is extremely difficult for a brand to produce a small number of watches when you want a specific and […]

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A FUN CAMOUFLAGE DIVER – BY MICHAEL STOCKTON, NOVEMBER 22, 2018 MARC & SONS ‘Chameleon’ Camouflage Diver – ETA Cal. 2824-2 (03/19) Today, we’ll take a look at the Marc & Sons DWFB Limited Edition, the newest collaboration watch between a micro-brand and the Diver’s Watches Facebook Group. As you can certainly see, this is a […]

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Strictly for Us

Hall of Fame

“Here we display and recognize some of the beautiful photos that have appeared on Diver’s Watches Facebook Group”

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Wallpapers & Posters

“This is a small thank you for all our members around the world to share their passion with us. Divers watches is more than a group.  It is a group of friends that enjoy watches, especially diving watches. We share stories from our youth and hope to pass the passion to the next generations. Keep […]

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“When you have spent some time going around the group’s posts, looking at all the beautiful watches everyone shares, you can’t help but realise that we are actually blessed to be able to enjoy this hobby. Our basic needs are covered, if I may put it so bluntly. It is for this reason that our […]

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